Why Blog?

I’ve resisted the urge to start a reflective blog for a long time for some of the following reasons…

1. There are plenty of other amazing teachers blogging. I plan to post links to their blogs in the side bar.

2. I already have a classroom blog and a house blog both of which could probably stand to be updated more often than they are.

3. I probably spend more time than I should on the internet 🙂

4. I’m worried that people will judge my occasionally bad grammar or that I will say something out of anger/frustration/despair that I will later regret.

I keep coming back to the idea of blogging for the following reasons.

1. I found my sixth grade journal recently. Although I cringed at some of the writing, it was an incredible reminder of how a sixth grade brain works. Finding the journal was also a good reality check for me. My writing was far from perfect, just like my students now.

2. I want a place to aggregate my thoughts. I spend a fair amount of time on the English Companion Ning, an fantastic resource for English teachers created by Jim Burke. Unfortunately, Ning doesn’t offer a way (of which I’m aware) to download content you post. I’m planning to copy some of my EC Ning posts here, so I can back them up.

3. I could reflect on paper (and likely will next year in the Teacher’s Daybook), but a blog is prettier and funner (as some of my sixth graders might say).

An encounter at Starbucks earlier this evening finally pushed me over the edge. More about that in the next post

One thought on “Why Blog?

  1. You should definitely keep blogging – i’d never heard of glogster until today – will definitely be checking out!

    I enjoy the honesty and insight in your writing – thanks again.

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