Student of the Tool

I find it interesting that many teachers feel like they must know the content they want their students to learn before they teach it. And yet, they are unwilling to use for themselves the tools they want their students to use in the classroom before they use them with students.

It’s ok if you don’t know all the content. That’s not possible in the world in which we live anyway. Discover along with students.

It’s ok if you’re not the complete master of tool before you give it to a student. But your students’ experience will be all the richer if you also have been a student of the tool.

I don’t want to make the separation between content and tool too neat. I hope teachers are guides and students of both.

2 thoughts on “Student of the Tool

  1. Agree with you on this, Meredith. We have just had some student projects in history that are outstanding. We told them to use whatever tool they wanted–the history teacher had no idea how to use iMovie, but the kids, of course, did. We had great results!

  2. I also wonder about the opposite though- Teachers who want to use digital tools in the classroom but don’t use them for their own work. I was working on an article recently and thought- I should Wordle this. If it’s good enough for my classroom, it should be good enough for me as well.

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