Writing as a Way of Believing

I discovered that I had to write to explore this set of convictions. I continue to do so. My writing is exploratory because I have no idea what I believe until I force myself to say it. For me, writing turns out to be my way of believing.


Writing is hard and difficult work because to write is to think…. Recognition of truthful speech begins when readers identify the words they encounter as an honest expression of life’s complexities.

-Stanley Hauerwas in Hannah’s Child: A Theologian’s Memoir

I like to think, but I find writing incredibly difficult. But Stanley is right, writing, at least in earnest, forces thought. I find that sometimes as I’m teaching I’ll start thinking about how I’d narrate in writing what is going on in the classroom or the difficulty I’m trying to work through. I’m in the midst of writing for the Klingestein Summer Institute I’ll be attending starting next week. As I’m writing, I’m finding that the act of being forced to translate thoughts into words clarifies and organizes the thoughts in ways I might not have predicted.

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