Headed Out

Tomorrow morning I’m taking off for the Klingenstein Summer Institute in Lawrenceville, NJ (after a stopover in Annapolis, MD). It feels a little like the first year of college- I’m packing shower shoes and a foam mattress pad. When my parents were about to leave me at college, I started sobbing. My mom tried to console me, but I choked out, “It’s not because you’re leaving. My computer’s not going to be configured for the internet for another two days.” Hoping for a lack of tech troubles this time around 🙂


I couldn’t find a shower basket that I liked, but I had the idea to use a planter. It’s 100% recycled material and has drainage holes. I can plant in it afterward. Also, toiletry train cases were $20 at Target, but insulated lunch boxes were $8. Thrift for the win.

2 thoughts on “Headed Out

  1. Oy, you just made me feel old. When I went to college, no one I knew had computers. We all had these clunky word processors. And forget about the Internet. (/getoffmylawn)

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