What Questions Interest You?

I had a number of great conversations at the Klingenstein Summer Institute; it was an intellectual hothouse. I’ve been thinking about a conversation I had with Liz Perry, a co-director of KSI and co-lead teacher of the English cohort. She has an MEd from Harvard, and I was interested in getting her perspective on graduate study in education. Her program was a self-designed degree that alas, no longer exists at Harvard.

At one point, she asked me, “What questions interest you?” Not what do you want to do with your degree or what kind of degree are you interested in, which is often the way people frame the conversation. The question gave me pause.

It shouldn’t have been a surprising notion to me- one of the cornerstones of my educational philosophy is inquiry– but I’d never though of it when considering what kind of graduate study I might do.

So, I’m mulling over the questions that interest me. I don’t have any fully-formed ones yet, but words like technology, community, inquiry, literature, history, data, adolescents, literacy, and story are floating around. Oh yeah, and student debt 🙂



One thought on “What Questions Interest You?

  1. I like your thoughts and comments on inquiry. I just completed a River Institiute class through Hamline Univeristy and we covered the same topic regarding science and environmental education for children grades 3 – 8. I agree with you!

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