Dr. Drew

No, not that Dr. Drew, but Dr. Drew Becker, the Paleontologist. Drew is only 5, and one of the great things about the video is how much Drew loves dinosaurs and how clearly that comes across. He’s also ok with ambiguity and tells us the three different ideas about why the amargasaurus had a “sail thing.” Drew’s also confident enough in his knowledge that he’s willing to teach others about what he’s learned.

This is the kind of learning I hope goes on in my classes. I want students who love learning, who are willing to work through and with ambiguity, and who are confident in their ability to teach others what they’ve learned. (What better form of assessment is there than to teach what you have learned?) What I often fight against though is the years of schooling students have already been through (endured?), and the fact that I am tasked with teaching a number of students (thankfully fewer than many) at once. I’ve also still got plenty of learning to do myself about learning and how to best structure a learning environment.

Thanks, Drew, for helping me think more about ambiguity and assessment. And you just thought you were talking about dinosaurs 🙂


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