Sites for Creative Inspiration or a Laugh

A list of some of my favorite sites for inspiration or laugh. Feel free to add to the list in the comments!

Brain Pickings
This site is an amazing compendium of things beautiful and thought-provoking. It describes its goal as “curating interestingness — picking culture’s collective brain for tidbits of stuff that inspires, revolutionizes, or simply makes us think.” If you’re on twitter, following Maria (@brainpicker) is a great way to get notification of new content on the site.

Sometimes funny, sometimes painfully truthful, Jessica Hagy’s graphs and diagrams offer truth about the oddities and complexities of life, all on an index card.

No pictures or snazzy widgets. This blog, written by the author of another great blog, Zen Habits, is focused on helping you find ways to learn to love less.

Awkward Family Photos
This photo blog compiles awkward family photos sent in from readers. I find myself alternating between laughter and bemused horror at what some people do in the name of a family photo. And you thought your family photos were awkward…

A site that allows you to insert pictures of people’s heads onto dancing historical or cartoon characters. Click on the picture below to see the video one of my students made for us (his 6th grade teachers).

The Onion
All the fake news that’s fit to print. Sometimes fiction is uncomfortably (and hilariously) close to the truth.


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