Mend the Doubt

It’s a season of transition for many of my friends. They are looking for jobs, beginning new jobs, or trying to figure out if the job they have is the right one. With those changes and uncertainties, doubt often comes. Why will no one hire me? What if I’m not good enough for the job I’ve taken? What if I can’t do the job as well as I’d like?

A wise friend and teacher wrote to me when I was experiencing similar doubts:

“All the best in any field consistently feel like frauds, fakes, poseurs. It’s true. I hear this over and over from artists, singers, actors, certain leaders, great teachers: they doubt and so they keep working to address and mend that doubt, all of which prepares them to do or be the thing they did not think they were.”

During Oxfam make do & mend event

2 thoughts on “Mend the Doubt

  1. Meredith,

    I had a professor in college and he said the same thing. He said that even though he had multiple degrees, was a ful professor at one of the Claremont Colleges, was published and had earned many accolades and awards, he always felt like someone was finally going to figure out that he was just faking it. He kept learning and thinking and reading and writing to move himself closer to “the truth.” This gave me such comfort then as an 18 year old and continues to do so today.

    Thank you for sharing this today!

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