Go Write A Poem

I’ve never thought of myself as a “poetry person.” I was the kid in high school English who whined, “I don’t get it.” However, I enjoy reading poetry now, thanks to poetry aficionados who have nudged me toward poetry they think I will like.

Last week, we had an amazing poet in residence with our sixth graders. I think it’s important that I should do as I ask students to do. So while students were writing their poems with the poet, I wrote a couple poems, too, using the prompts Bud Hunt has posted. Each day he posts a picture and a question to act as a prompt. Writing poetry isn’t something that comes easily for me, and while it’s a little scary to write publicly, the great thing about writing poetry as a blog comment is that there’s less pressure.

What are you waiting for? Go write a poem 🙂

poem store II


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