Digital Cross-Training: New Literacies Keynote 2011

On Thursday, I’ll be giving a keynote entitled “Digital Cross-Training: Teachers as Learners and Learners as Teachers” at a plenary session of the 2011 New Literacies Teacher Leaders Institute.  I’ll focus on the ways in which digital tools can be used to allow students to be teachers and teachers to be learners. Below are links to some of the projects I’ll be talking about.


Students As Teachers
Talking Tech
8th Grade Buddies

Conversation With and Feedback from Other Students and Adults
Corresponding with Pre-Service Teachers
Supreme Court Project- News Article and Opinion of the Court 

Teaching Parents and Class
Museum Day- Pitching Exhibits and Wrap-up
Shift Lessons- Student Reflections on Teaching

Sharing and Reflecting Outside the Classroom
6th Grade Student Post about MEGA Showcase
Blended Learning Class- Presentation and Writing about Class 

Teachers As Students
Why I Started Blogging

Online Learning Spaces
English Companion Ning

Books Referenced During the Session
Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out by Mimi Ito et al.Full text
Born Digital by John Palfrey and Urs Gassner
New Culture of Learning by John Seeley Brown and Douglas Thomas
Making Learning Whole by David Perkins


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