A Blog Is…

On Friday, I gave a short presentation at school with some examples of work students have published on their blogs. I wanted to try to offer some sense of the possibilities of blogs, so I asked folks on Twitter what a blog is or could be. Here are some of their responses. I used a site called Storify to capture the responses. You can view an interactive version on the site.

Complete the sentence. “A blog is/can be…..”
August 12, 2011
@msstewart “. . .your RSVP to the conversation already taking place or an invitation as host to others to a whole new soiree.”
August 12, 2011
@msstewart A blog is/can be…” — a reflective space for you to explore/tinker around w/writing and technology amid larger conversations
August 12, 2011
@msstewart a mirror for Reflective practice
August 12, 2011
@msstewart …a window into what your students are learning
August 12, 2011
@msstewart A blog can be window into a transformative classroom that serves as a catalyst for others to change.
August 12, 2011
@woodenmask My answer would probably be that it’s a display case and a convo space
August 12, 2011

Here are some of the student blog posts I shared:

A Japanese kamishibai using VoiceThread
Account of a pig heart dissection
A glog displaying information about an immigrant group
Reflecting on video of Socratic Seminars


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