Teaching is a Marathon

Tomorrow is the first day of school. While I usually look forward to the day with a mix of nerves and excitement, I’m not feeling particularly jazzed this year. I have a cold, which, while not serious, is making me pretty miserable. I’m especially not looking forward to the hour and a half handshaking ceremony, which I usually enjoy. (Don’t worry; I’ll use lots of hand¬†sanitizer.)


I think as teachers we often feel a sense of grave importance around the first day of school. There’s even a popular book called The First Days of School, which suggests that the first days of school are crucial to the success of the rest of the year. So part of me is feeling a little panicked because I know I won’t be at my best tomorrow.

But I’m reminded that the school year is a marathon, not a sprint. First impressions are important, but the real work comes in the day in and day out. While I have no illusion that tomorrow will be one of my banner days of teaching, I know some of those days will come this year.


2 thoughts on “Teaching is a Marathon

  1. Many teachers pass out books and then read the syllabus to their classes. I don’t really like the tone set by those kinds of institutionalized activities. So, I play a game, or we all try to learn everyone’s names, something fun. Books and syllabi can wait a day or so. Say goodbye to summer gradually.

  2. I’ll be having those same feelings in about 10 days …. I start getting excited and panicky and then, once I see the kids, I settle down. I hope your cold feels better and you have that “phew” feeling when the first day has come and gone (and then the marathon really begins, right?)

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