Honoring the Writing Journey- NCTE 2011

Looking forward to our presentation tomorrow at NCTE. Below is the info for the session and my slides. Click on the title of other panelists presentations for more info.

Handout with presenter contact info and links

Session: I.22 – 1:15 pm to 2:30 pm 11/19/2011 Format: Panel
Room: Chicago Hilton/Waldorf Room, Third Floor Topic: Writing

It’s easy to affirm that students should receive feedback during the writing process in addition to a final grade. But how do busy teachers make this a reality? We’ll explore ways to offer feedback and engaging opportunities for student revision and reflection throughout the writing process while still keeping your sanity.

Presenter: Jennifer Ansbach, Manchester Township High School, Manchester, New Jersey , ‘We’re Going to Do What?!: Novel-Writing in the Secondary Classroom

Russ Goerend, Waukee Middle School, Iowa , ‘Write Strong: Strengthening Composition through Practice

MaryBeth Short, Cary Academy, North Carolina , ‘Are We Going to Be Graded on This?: Assessing the Process

Meredith Stewart, Cary Academy, North Carolina , ‘A Home on the Web: Creating E-Portfolios’
See below for slides and click link for article about portfolios

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