50 Hikes, 50 Books

I’m not usually one for resolutions, but like Zac, I’m feeling that this might be a good year for them.

Publicizing your resolutions and goals is apparently a tricky thing because your brain derives satisfaction from telling people about your goals, which may actually make you less likely to achieve them. But it’s possible to circumvent this tendency by asking people to hold you accountable. So about March, someone should check in with me and see how it’s going 🙂 I’m also thinking about documenting my resolution somewhere, perhaps on a page here.



My resolution for 2012 is 50 hikes, 50 books. It’s a stretchy goal (I read 40 books in 2010 and did probably 20 hikes), but not one that feels so unrealistic that I’ll give up before I do anything.

Hiking around here is a relative term, especially for someone who grew up in the Appalachians, which likewise those in the Rockies or Alps would consider hills, so I’m being a little loose with that term. Generally, I intend that hikes will be 3+ miles with some elevation gain/loss, preferably in the woods.

I’m not going to be too prescriptive about what the books will/have to be. I mostly just want to get myself away from reading short pieces and into longer form narrative more often.

The first hike of 2012 happens today. I’m off to New Hope Overlook at Jordan Lake.

2 thoughts on “50 Hikes, 50 Books

  1. Love it, Meredith.

    I’m not sure I’m up for specific resolutions, but I am going to do a photo(s)-a-day blog. If I can do that everyday, I’ll feel good about the year. I thought about something like resolving to write a blog post per week, but I get nervous about resolutions I know I’ll break at some point. So maybe I could do something like four blog posts per month.

    Anyway, you’ve got me thinking. So, thanks. And I hope you share more pictures of your hikes, and reflections from your reading.

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