Connected! My Digital Writing Life

I used Screencast-O-Matic to create a video autobiography of my digital writing life for the NWP Summer Institute.

A few quick reflections after creating the video

2008 was a really productive/fruitful time for me when it came to digital writing. I think some of that came as a result of feeling somewhat isolated in a new job. I tend to turn to digital spaces when I’m not getting my needs (curiosity, support, companionship, etc.) met physical spaces. Ideally, I’m in both physical and digital spaces writing and having conversations. My explosion of digital writing in 2008 was also the result of having encouragement from our Instructional Tech Director.

There’s a lot of crossover for me from one space to another. I’ll see a link to an article on a friend’s Facebook, tweet the link and discuss it on Twitter, and then summarize the conversation in a blog post.

3 thoughts on “Connected! My Digital Writing Life

  1. This is really cool. I like how you show the cyberspaces that influenced you as a writer, yet we get your present-day reflection. I think this also challenges the idea that writing is an isolated and individual task, which is how I’ve always envisioned it. I always thought that you work and become brilliant individually, and then share your perfect work and wait for the praise to roll in. The last few years have really challenged that for me, and now I get so much value from sharing the process with others and talking, thinking, and sharing my work (and of course it’s not always praise that rolls in, either)


  2. What a nice reflection! I, like Jess, appreciate your showing how you’ve developed and the places which helped shape (and host) your writing. Personally, I have an internal struggle with wanting to be authentic and not wanting to share that which isn’t perfect–perhaps it’s a war between authenticity and vulnerability. I want to be open to sharing the process and not just the product, but I’m not sure I’m there yet.

    By the way, Meredith, I think you totally undersold your Twitter addiction in the video. 😉

  3. I compulsively tweet. Is that the kind of confession you’re looking for, Philip? 😉 I really like the question of the balance between authenticity and vulnerability that you’ve highlighted. I feel this most keenly when it comes to Twitter. I actually think that I’ve been less “share-y” on Twitter lately. Nolan Smith, NBA player and former Duke basketball player (Go Devils!), says that he doesn’t tweet emotion. I sometimes find myself feel strongly that I want to tweet something, often when I feel wronged or frustrated. When that happens, I try to let that feeling sit for a half an hour or send it as a direct message. Most of the time I find that after my “cooling off” period I decide that I didn’t really need to tweet whatever it was after all.

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