10am at Amelie’s Bakery

Bride to be in white wedding dress and teal shoes drapes over an armchair
Photographer and assistant flutter around
Someone wryly offers “I got married at the courthouse”
A woman in a steel neck and head brace converses with companions
A three year old asks her dad, “Are you going to write with me?”
Jeweled-tone glass plates and vases perch precariously from a wooden chandelier
A silent piano sits in the corner and piano music roars from overhead speakers
Clothes hangers dangle cockeyed over the bathrooms
Sharpie marker on the wall proclaims “You are here… sort of.”

Dear Charlotte, forgive me for saying you were boring.

Amelie’s French Bakery was the first stop on the UNCCWP Writing Marathon and my new favorite place in Charlotte, if for no other reason than it’s open 24/7.

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