Tomorrow is the last day of the UNCC National Writing Project Summer Institute. I’ve written my final reflection, but I also wanted a post in which to collect the posts I’ve written during the Institute.

Inquiry blog posts

Looking at the idea of helping students understand history as a more nuanced and complicated narrative, while at the same time, one to which they can relate.

The Familiarity and Strangeness of History
Defamiliarization and Wonder
Two Things at Once
Making the Familiar Strange
Writing in History Class

My Day in the Life post
Continuing the Conversation(s)

Poetry posts
Poetry Crawl
10am at Amelie’s Bakery
Mashup, Mixtape Culture

Other NWP SI related blog posts
Writing at IKEA
Digital Writing Autobiography
Writing Timeline
Review of The Energy to Teach

My self-selected piece is an article about using Creative Commons licensed images in the classroom. Because I’m hoping to submit it for publication, I’m not posting it publicly, but happy to share via email if you’re interested.

3 thoughts on “UNCCWP Wrap Up

  1. Way cool how you decided to organize your posts within this post. I started today in Christin’s demo trying to categories the inquiry/reflective posts I’ve written. Blogged about the process of that organization, but didn’t think about writing a post like this. If I wasn’t so tired, I’d steal your idea. Maybe another time…..
    See ya tomorrow!

  2. This is great for navigation. I considered something like this and then realized that I have so few posts it’s probably not worth it 😛

  3. SI has reminded me of the importance of ongoing conversation and the way in which you set up your final post as well as the resources you linked to it have made this easy.

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