10 Books, 10 Hikes, 10 Projects

My goals for 2013…

10 Big Books
One of the few things that I didn’t like about last year’s goal is that I think it steered me away from longer books. I still read some substantial books, and I don’t think it was that large of an influence, since I don’t generally read a lot of 400+ page books. However, this year I want to spend some time digging into meaty, longer texts. I’m not planning to read books just for their page count, though. First up is The Brothers Karamazov.  I read a chunk of it last year, but I didn’t finish it because of its length.

10 New Hikes
I wanted to make hiking a part of my goal again this year because it’s an activity that I enjoy, but that can be challenging to make time for. There’s lots of nice walking/hiking in the Triangle, but even better hikes within a couple hours drive. I chose this goal to push myself to make some time for those hikes that might be a bit further afield and also, to explore hiking options when I’m traveling.

10 Artsy Projects
I like making things, but I didn’t do very much “making” last year. I added this part of the goal to encourage that. I’m mostly thinking about projects and decorations for the house. This part of the goal is the least fleshed out in my mind, but hopefully the flexibility of it will spur some creativity.


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