Classroom Updates

I haven’t blogged as much recently as I would like to, but I did just post updates from my seventh and eighth grade classes on the classroom blog.

The Upper School class has wrapped up the student-taught lessons. The final lesson focused on the history of cancer treatment in the US. It was a great introduction to how treatment has changed. The student who was teaching the class choose three volunteers to illustrate this point at the end of the lesson. The three students put on sunglasses that were obscured to various degrees and tried to retrieve a bone from the Operation game. The class then had to guess what period of cancer treatment each set of glasses represented. It was a great way to wrap up one of my favorite parts of the course.

One of the students wrote on her reflection after teaching, “I also learned that once you are able to teach someone material, you truly do have a full understanding of it. I now realize what it is to truly understand something, and I think now I may even have a new study method! (sorry mom… you’re about to learn a lot about photosynthesis…)



2 thoughts on “Classroom Updates

  1. Thanks for sharing these little glimpses into your classroom. It’s always nice to see what others are doing since it’s rare to have the time to actually visit another teacher’s class.

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