Dream Trips

As our final project for 7th grade World History, students created a dream trip. They could choose any four stops and visit three sites at each stop. They created postcards in either PPT or Prezi to briefly describe the sites and explain their choices. (Let it not be said that my students won’t know how to send a letter, although I don’t really think that’s a critical skill :)) They only limitations- At least two of the places had to be ones we studied this year and they had to visit two continents. This was a great project to hold student interest at the time of the year, but also for some wrap-up discussion on places that we’ve studied.

Check out this beautiful example and this one! (Click on the word Postcards to access the cards in the first example.)

After students had written their postcards, I asked them to plot the places that they wanted to visit on a Google map.

Use the  + and – to navigate around on the maps.

1st period

2nd period

On our last day of class, we analyzed the maps. We discussed why, especially in first period, the destinations they picked were so American and Euro heavy.

We finished the class by playing GeoGuessr. Students were quite inventive in seeking out clues within the pictures to determine where they were, looking at clothing, text, and land features. Some of their guesses were way off, but some were within a couple hundred miles.

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