It’s Summer!

Ok, not quite. Today was the last day of classes, and while we still have 8th grade Celebration (graduation) and three professional development days, it feels like the beginning of summer. I came home and slept face down for an hour a half, woke happily groggy, and thought yep, this is what the beginning of summer usually feels like.

I went to a coffee shop tonight to try to continue working on some summer grant work that I’m doing on the 7th grade curriculum, but I was utterly unsuccessful. So inspired by Philip’s reading list for the summer, I decided to think a bit about what I hope to accomplish this summer.

I’d like to take a photo a day for June 6 (today) through August 6 (when teachers return to school). I’ve tried 365 photo challenges in the past, but always peter out somewhere around March. Hopefully, a shorter time frame will be helpful. I’ll post the pictures here.

Read 10 books. That’s a little more than 1 per week, which should be manageable.

Average 3 miles per day. I’ll have more time to hike in the summer, but I also do less walking as part of my regular day. (During the school year, I walk 2-2.5 miles per day as a teacher.) My FitBit daily distance data will be here.

I’m planning to sticky this post to the top of my blog for the next couple months. I’ll update it as the summer goes along.


2 thoughts on “It’s Summer!

  1. Okay, so I want to hear about the Fitbit. I was looking at them at Best Buy last night. Do you think it’s helped you with your fitness goals?

    Do you have any specific books in mind? I used to read a ton of books, but lately I’m subscribed to, perhaps too many, blogs and don’t seem to read as many novels. Maybe I need to unsubscribe to a few…

  2. I’m definitely a big fan of the the FitBit. I like the data feedback and the fact that it syncs wirelessly. It’s not the monitor I would go with if I were an elite athlete, but it’s perfect for me.

    For better or worse, I read very few blogs these days. I read The Atlantic, Wired, Sunday NYT, and articles that people tweet. Are you on GoodReads? I post the books I read there Currently I’m reading The President and the Assassin.

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