Last Day of LoC STI

Today was the final day of the LoC STI. It has been a fantastic week. I’m truly sad to part company with the other participants and facilitators.

As a culminating activity, we presented the primary sources activity plan that we had created in a sort of speed learning format. It was incredible to hear just a few of the activities that participants had developed. One of my biggest takeaways was the importance of creating time and space for wonder and questioning. Hopefully that shows up in the lesson plan I created for discussing what coming to the colonies represented for slaves and indentured servants. It’s still a work in progress,  but I’m looking forward to teaching it in the fall.


Arianna, while presenting her activity, said that she was going to ask students, “What do you notice in the document that you can’t explain?” I thought this was a fantastic question that would push students into deeper inquiry.

I got several emails today about the first days of school. Hard to believe that teachers head back to school in a little over a week. It’s been a great summer and LoC STI was a huge part of that. The picture below I think illustrates the joy of discovery and learning that the week represented for me.



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