Tighten Up

A couple days ago Meeno asked a really interesting question on Twitter.

meenootweetI didn’t have an immediate answer, but after thinking on it some I think the book I need is Tighten Up: Improving Your Habits and Classroom Practice to Create Richer Learning Experiences.

I’d write a book that would be more than how to use technology to be more productive or how to stay organized or how to connect with students or how to plan well-scaffolded lessons or how to develop beneficial habits in one’s personal life. I would write a book that discusses those things with the end of student learning and joy in mind.  My hope is that this year will be that book, or at least a first draft of it.

I’m sure I’ve got a lot to learn, but as I enter my 7th year of teaching, I feel like I know much of what I need to do. I just need to tighten up. It’s tempting to imagine that tightening up would look like creating the perfect lesson or project before students arrive, but they are the most important part of lessons and projects. To think that I could craft the perfect year before they walk into the classroom is fanciful, but what I can do is design experiences, choose materials, and ask questions that hopefully create the space for that learning and joy to occur.

Of course, every school year needs a theme song. This one seems to fit…

2 thoughts on “Tighten Up

  1. Hey Pal,

    I am SO waiting out all night in line outside of a Barnes and Noble for this. Not only does the title sound great, I want an @msstewart book in my hands!

    Every single time I see you in my stream, I’m going to say, “How’s the book coming along?”

    Every. Single. Time.


    Hope you’re well,

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