A Change Would Do You Good

One of my favorite features of Facebook is the Memories tab. I keep a journal, but rather sporadically, so for reminders about what was happening in my life in the past, Facebook is a more consistent reminder of the day to day. There are certainly challenges with this, perhaps the chief being, the difficulty of accessing that information in an easy way. That said, I find it fascinating to have an easy way to look back every morning to see what I was doing/thinking on that day from one to ten years ago.

In April, the above Facebook Memory popped up. What was especially ironic (in an Alanis Morissette sort of way) was that I had agreed, just days earlier, to teach 8th grade English next year. I was initially hesitant about the change because I’ll be returning to school in October after a couple months of parental leave, and it didn’t seem the ideal time to pick up a new prep, much less a new subject. But it was a move that I think will have long-term benefits for the school because it will give us a teacher at each grade level in the middle school who will be teaching both History and English, hopefully facilitating increased communication and collaboration between the departments. I also think ultimately it will be a good move for me, if perhaps a bit of a bumpy start. I’ve taught 7th grade and 8th grade History for the past five years, and, as Sheryl Crow says, sometimes a change would do you good.


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