What Should the Fellows Read?

One of the things that I’m most proud of from the school year that just concluded is our hire of the first teaching fellow at our school. The idea for a teaching fellows program came out of the strategic plan team that I co-chaired, and I am coordinating the program going forward. Throughout the decade that I’ve spent in independent school education, I’ve often been asked how I got into teaching (without an education degree). For me, it was a combination of hustle and good fortune that led from a maternity leave position to a short-term teaching assignment to a permanent position. I’ve wished to be able to offer a clearer path for others to discover if independent school teaching is the right place for them. Starting a fellows program, which will give individuals the opportunity to teach and learn on our campus for the year (and get paid!), seems like a great step in that direction. These programs seem to be fairly common in the Northeast, but less common in the Southeast.

Part of the fellow’s work over the year will be developing a portfolio in which he or she reflects on the experience of teaching and readings that he or she has done over the year. That leads me to a question- what books or articles would you recommend to someone new to the field of (independent school) education?


2 thoughts on “What Should the Fellows Read?

  1. This may not be very helpful, but when I was earning my Masters Degree, two essays that had a profound effect on me were “The Loss of the Creature,” by Walker Percy, and “The Banking Concept of Education,” by Paulo Freire.

  2. Great suggestions! I’ve read Pedagogy of the Oppressed, but haven’t read the essay you mentioned. Will look it up.

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