On Paying Off the Loans

Twelve years after I started paying them down, my student loans are paid off. People ask me, knowing what I know now and having chosen not to practice law, whether I regret going to law school, especially a more expensive one like Duke. That's a tough one. I loved my time at Duke. It was … Continue reading On Paying Off the Loans


Reading Journey

Student computers were collected a little early this year, so our final assignment for Language Arts needed to be analog. Below is what we asked students to do and a picture of some of the results. Imagine that the books that you've read independently this year have been part of a reading journey. Perhaps you … Continue reading Reading Journey


In 2016-2017, the Language Arts and Social Studies departments at our school will be undergoing a curriculum review. This news wasn't meant with universal acclaim. I think it's very easy, especially for those who have been teaching for any number of years, to feel like whatever professional development we undertake is just the latest new … Continue reading SOARing