Why Change When We’re Doing All Right?

It's a fair question. We're busy people. Busy teachers, busy administrators, busy staff. Change takes time and effort. Change can be scary and change can result in failure. But if we don't change, if we don't ask ourselves what we could be doing better, we start to stagnate. Things around us are moving. And if … Continue reading Why Change When We’re Doing All Right?

(De)Constructing Texts

Over the next several weeks, students in my Upper School class will begin teaching the class on their self-selected topics. Teaching the class is part of the cumulative project for the class. Students have been researching their topics and interviewing an expert about the topic.¬†One of the challenges of asking students to select topics that … Continue reading (De)Constructing Texts

Is Clean Up As Important As Crafting?

This weekend, I'm facilitating a conversation at EduCon, with Karen Blumberg, about Crafting Character. We're hoping to have some discussion around how educators¬†can reinforce students' appropriate use of technology outside the classroom. Here's the thing- I think educators can reinforce appropriate use, but the kids aren't always going to listen. Kids mess up. (Adults mess … Continue reading Is Clean Up As Important As Crafting?