A Change Would Do You Good

One of my favorite features of Facebook is the Memories tab. I keep a journal, but rather sporadically, so for reminders about what was happening in my life in the past, Facebook is a more consistent reminder of the day to day. There are certainly challenges with this, perhaps the chief being, the difficulty of … Continue reading A Change Would Do You Good


Creating Cross-Curricular Experiences

Tonight I'm hosting a twitter #engchat on creating cross-curricular experiences in the English classroom. As someone who has had difficulty declaring loyalty to a single subject for most of my academic career and as someone who teaches both English and history, I'm deeply interested in creating experiences for students to learn outside of discipline-specific boxes. … Continue reading Creating Cross-Curricular Experiences

Great TED Talks for English Teachers

TED Talks are videos of thought-provoking, yet brief presentations given at the Technology, Entertainment, and Design conference. TED has also licensed independently organized events (TEDx) across the world. I got to attend TEDxNYED in NYC last March. It was an incredible event. The effect of so many incredible speakers in rapid-fire succession was brain overload … Continue reading Great TED Talks for English Teachers