That Which Gets Attention

Dr. danah boyd has posted a video of her Webstock keynote, which reflects on fear and the attention economy. The three key assertions of danah's talk are: 1. We live in a culture of fear. 2. The attention economy provides fertile ground for the culture of fear. 3. Social media is amping up the attention … Continue reading That Which Gets Attention

Evidence of Struggle

Yesterday, Jim Burke began his presentation at NCTE with this slide. I thought- Thanks, Jim. That's exactly what I need, more pressure when it comes to writing. If writing is a public performance of my intelligence, then what does it say for all the times that the page is filled with garbage, or even worse, blank?  … Continue reading Evidence of Struggle

Work Freedom

"One of the deepest horrors of modern man is to recognize to which which degree that inner fear, to which he doesn't know how to relate, makes a sham out of freedom." -Ivan Illich, The Rivers North of the Future Last October, John Palfrey, former Executive Director of the Berkman Center and one of the … Continue reading Work Freedom