Great TED Talks for History Teachers

One of the most popular posts that I've written on this blog is Great TED Talks for English Teachers from 2010. Sure, it's a listicle, but given the sheer number of TED talks, folks have said that the post has been helpful to them in suggesting some talks with which to start. I'm currently teaching history … Continue reading Great TED Talks for History Teachers

Millard Fillmore for Life!

Perhaps the biggest hit of the Forgotten Presidents mini-unit was making paper hats, inspired by this piece of McKinley campaign paraphernalia. As silly as this may seems (and there's nothing wrong with some silliness, mind you), the neat thing was that students seemed to really latch on to the presidents they chose to make hats for. A … Continue reading Millard Fillmore for Life!

Primary Sources

I received an email last night notifying me that I'd been accepted to the Library of Congress's Summer Teacher Institute. The STI focuses on helping teachers develop lessons based on the primary sources available in the LoC's collection. I am super-excited about the opportunity, both for the work we'll do at the STI and the … Continue reading Primary Sources