Klingenstein Readings

Below are the readings for the Klingenstein Summer Institute this year. I haven't taken the time to go through and alphabetize all the readings. I primarily wanted to post them here for my own reference and for those who were interested in getting a sense of what we read. English Cohort Readings ‚ÄúResponding To and … Continue reading Klingenstein Readings


Headed Out

Tomorrow morning I'm taking off for the Klingenstein Summer Institute in Lawrenceville, NJ (after a stopover in Annapolis, MD). It feels a little like the first year of college- I'm packing shower shoes and a foam mattress pad. When my parents were about to leave me at college, I started sobbing. My mom tried to … Continue reading Headed Out

4 Words

Last year I posted the statement of educational philosophy I submitted when I applied for my present job and some additional reflection on it. As part of the Klingenstein Summer Institute, I had to draft another statement of educational philosophy. I was given the following prompt: What beliefs do you hold about the power of … Continue reading 4 Words