Learning Through Them

On Friday, US History students submitted their Immigrant Experience letters. This project is the first substantial independent work students do in the blended learning class. This year I asked them to submit an evaluation of three sources they planned to use a week before the letter was due, just to ensure that they'd given it … Continue reading Learning Through Them


Mashup, Mixtape Culture

I never feel comfort Steeped in commodity Tangible artifacts and wasted ideas Counting joy uncovered exits Changed the argument The beginnings of the difference Dusty road Gets me where I need to be -A found poem pulled from final UNCCWP SI reading   Had this song in my head as I was writing

Writing at Ikea

"I know we don't need it, but it's still pretty cool." -IKEA shopper I'm wondering about the reactions of the shoppers as we sit here in a living room set writing. Do they think we're store employees? Paid actors? Squatters? Performance artists? I imagine writing in this space as a quiet protest against the necessity … Continue reading Writing at Ikea