Year in Pictures 2015

It took me a little longer than in previous years to get my year in pictures book put together. In the midst of sifting through thousands of pictures, I sometimes wonder if it’s worth the effort, but I’m always grateful at the end of the process that I took the time to do it. Last night I sat down and looked at the books for years 2010-2015. I loved seeing the way that my family, friends, and I have grown and changed over the years. There were ways in which 2015 was especially challenging, but putting together the book this year reminded me how many moments of kindness and joy there have been in the midst of it. I’d also forgotten how much traveling we did over the course of the year.

Click on the image below to flip through the book.


Year in Pictures 2012

One of my favorite traditions of the holiday season is compiling a year in pictures book. I love digital photography, but I also miss photo albums. Pulling together my favorite pictures from the year and publishing them online and as a hardcover book is the best of both worlds. Click on the cover below to check out this year’s book. Grateful for all the adventures and blessings of 2012 and looking forward to what’s to come in 2013!


A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

I’ve done less work, or perhaps better to say, different work, this year. Less writing and presenting. More being with friends and sharing meals. (Fast Company suggests that in-person socializing should be a mandatory item on your to-do list.) Less “techy” projects with students, more research alongside them.  More productive messes in the kitchen with students. Less blogging, more hiking. These are every day sorts of choices, and it’s difficult to evaluate them until looking back over a period of time. I was surprised at how apparent they were as I was assembling this year’s Year in Pictures. It’s a different way to reflect on the year and getting a printed copy of the book eases my anxiety about all my pictures residing on tiny chips inside my phone and computer 🙂

It was a year of taking different sorts of risks, and I’m ok with that.

Click on the image to view the book. I used Lulu to put it together and Issuu for the online display.

2010 in Pictures

I’ve spent some time this week going through baby pictures, transferring them from a mildewing album to a fresh, new one.


While I didn’t quite meet the 365 photo a day challenge this year, it did get me in the habit of taking more pictures, especially of everyday sorts of things. I used Lulu to create a picture book of photos from 2010 and uploaded it to Issuu to create an online flipbook. (Click on the photo below to access it.) I can’t wait to get the printed copy! They aren’t necessarily the best photos I took during the year, but they are the ones that tell much of the story of the year.

Story Time (B&W)