NCAIS 2014 Presentation

Today I’m presenting at the North Carolina Association of Independent Schools (NCAIS) Annual Educators Conference. The session is from 3-4pm in Carolina C room. ┬áHere’s the session description and slide deck.

Primary sources allow students the opportunity to “do” history and can be rich wells of inspiration for writing in Language Arts. Primary source analysis allows students construct meaning and more carefully examine the world around them. This session will offer participants the opportunity to participate in a primary source analysis activity and discuss several examples of activities from History and Language Arts classes, including activities using digital analysis tools. Finally, we’ll explore a host of resources for locating useful primary sources for the classroom, so teachers can easily and successfully locate primary sources for their classes.

Southeastern Brain Conference

I’m presenting at the Southeastern Brain Conference being held at my school tomorrow. I’ll be talking about the blended learning class my students and I have been creating (really feels like a collaborative venture) over the past school year. Definitely one of the most exciting, challenging things I’ve done in teaching. Students are currently working on their final projects, and the energy in the class feels good.

Preso Prep

I’ve got a couple presentations coming up in the next several months. I’m interested in how others prepare to give them and what participants find most useful in them.

As a presenter…

How do you start preparing a presentation? Slides first? Storyboard? Pictures? List of points you want to make?

How do you create opportunities for group interaction (if you do)? How do you deal with chirping crickets if a group isn’t particularly lively or ready to interact?

Any tips or techniques that you think work particular well? Anything that you’ve found doesn’t work well?

As a participant…

What do you find particularly compelling in presentations? What turns you off?