When the Goal Gets in the Way

I've decided to drop part of my goal for 2013- reading 10 big books. Over the past several weeks, I've realized the goal isn't working for me for several reasons. I never clearly defined what big books were. I imagined books weighty both literally and in ideas, but what I've realized is that was a … Continue reading When the Goal Gets in the Way


50 Hikes, 50 Books

I'm not usually one for resolutions, but like Zac, I'm feeling that this might be a good year for them. Publicizing your resolutions and goals is apparently a tricky thing because your brain derives satisfaction from telling people about your goals, which may actually make you less likely to achieve them. But it's possible to … Continue reading 50 Hikes, 50 Books

The Danger of a Single Story

In World Cultures class, we are grappling with the complicated history of the Middle East. We've been looking at the history from as many lens as possible- creating drawings, spinning analogies, organizing information. Students are thinking hard AND synthesizing difficult information. Occasionally, a student will pop up, "So, it's all about oil, right?" or "The … Continue reading The Danger of a Single Story