2016 50 Movies, 52 Books, 16 Blog Posts

2016 will be an interesting year. We’re expecting a baby in July, so I suspect that the type of my reading material will be a little different than it has in the past. That said, I know it’s very common for new moms to struggle with finding time for themselves, so I want to have some clear goals in place before the baby comes. To that end, my goal for 2016 is watching 50 new (to me) movies, reading 52 books (any book counts), and writing 16 blog posts.

Books Read So Far This Year

books 2016

New (to Me) Movies This Year
And Now For Something Completely Different
The Big Short
Real Genius
What Happened, Miss Simone?
Hail, Caesar
Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts for 2015
The Black Panthers: Vanguards of the Revolution
Deep Impact
She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry
Made in Dagenham
Love and Friendship
Great Expectations
Maggie’s Plan
The Great Gatsby
Swiss Army Man
Dear White People