2015 50 Books, 50 Movies, and 25 Miles

The goal for 2015- 50 Books, 50 New (to me) Movies, and 25 Miles Per Week.

Year end review- I accomplished the 50 new movies without too much of a struggle. It was nice to see movie watching as part of a goal, in addition to a source of entertainment. I hit 50 books, but just barely. Took a bit of a children’s book reading marathon on New Year’s Eve to come in just under the wire. That said, I tackled some weightier books, as well, and a fair number related to topics I teach. I stopped tracking mileage mid-year because I got tired of dealing with the FitBit. I suspect I hit the 25 miles per week most weeks during the school year, but not during the summer, with the exception of our trip to the Pacific NW and Canada where we walked a ton.

books 2015


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