2014 50 Hikes 50 Books Deux

I took 2013 off from the 50 Hikes, 50 Books challenge I’d set for myself in 2012. The result? I read far fewer books and did fewer hikes (didn’t even bother to track them). That’s ok. 2013 was still a very full year in a lot of ways, but as the calendar flipped over I found myself missing the challenge. So for 2014, I’m back at it. Same “rules” as the first time around. I’ll use this page to record my books and hikes.

2014 books

Late December/January 
1. Bridal Veil Falls
Dupont State Forest

2. Buckquarter Creek & Ridge Trails
Eno River State Park

3 & 4. Urban Hike I & II

5. Golden Gate State Park
San Francisco

6. North Beach & Nob Hill
San Francisco

7. Mission District & Chinese New Year Parade
San Francisco

8. Al Buehler Trail

9.Pea Creek Trail
Eno River State Park

10. Buckquarter Creek & Holden Mill
Eno River

11. Cole Mill and Bobbitt’s Hole Trail
Eno River

12. Cole Mill and Bobbitt’s Hole Trail
Eno River

13. Eastern Trail
Lake Johnson Raleigh, NC

14. Loblolly Trail
Umstead State Park

15 & 16. Al Buehler Trail

17. Around Charleston

18. Pea Creek Trail
Eno River State Park

19. Downtown Bristol, VA

20. Sugar Hollow Park
Bristol, VA

21 & 22. Al Buehler Trail

23 & 24.  Downtown Bristol, VA

25. Downtown Durham

26. Eno River
Bobbitt Hole and Cole Mill Trails

27. Downtown Durham

28. Southeast Durham

29. Cole Mill and Bobbitt Hole Trails
Eno River

30-31. Al Buehler and Duke Forest Trails

32. Pea Creek Trail

33.  Al Buehler Trail

34. Downtown Durham

35-50. Germany, France, Luxembourg, and England


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