Learning In Spite Of

I wrote on Sunday that my enthusiasm and work ethic were waning a bit in the final days of KSI. Given that, yesterday’s afternoon session had the potential to be a total disaster in terms of my attention. The workers at Lawrenceville School had hit a water main while repairing the steam tunnels underneath the school. The result was no water or AC for the library building where we were meeting after lunch.

Despite the heat, the whirring of the emergency fans (the post-carpet cleaning kind), and the soporific effect of a tasty lunch, Chef Gary Giberson rocked the house, receiving a standing ovation. Food is an integral part of the Summer Institute, and the beautiful, delicious meals have been one of the highlights of the Institute for me.

In addition to being an amazing chef, Gary was an incredible presenter. He acknowledged the difficulty of the situation, engaged the audience with beautiful, well-designed slides, and restated participants’ questions prior to answering them. He shared some of the really impressive waste reduction and removal policies and food purchasing principles Lawrenceville School has adopted under his leadership. Carey told me she wished she’d had a camera so she could have taken a picture of me during the presentation. Apparently, I looked a bit star-struck 🙂

Chef Gary

Later yesterday afternoon, Chef Gary gave a smaller group of us a tour of the school garden at Lawrenceville. It was useful to hear how they have addressed the challenges of maintaining a vibrant school garden.

Lawrenceville School Garden

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